What will I learn in this masterclass?

In this masterclass, you will learn how to answer the following questions:

1. What is data health and how do I measure it?

2. How do I ensure HR data transparency and compliance to different legislations?

3. How and where should I look to implement changes within our day to day activities to ensure data integrity?

4. How do I establish proper HR data governance?

This masterclass is part 3 of the People Analytics Masterclass Series.

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Your Instructor

Jason Scott, Ph.D. advises companies on how to attract, grow and retain employees in order to achieve company goals.

He currently leads employee listening strategy at Instacart and previously worked on diversity, talent management, and recruiting analytics at Facebook (now Meta).

Series overview

Time: Whatever time best fits your schedule. There are 8 1-hour sessions with accompanying quizzes that take ~10 minutes to complete. 

How: Eight 60 min videos covering the most important people analytics topics

Price: FREE (courtesy of Orgnostic)

In just 8 hours – 60 min per week – we will show you how to set up people analytics and prepare data-driven HR strategies your stakeholders can’t ignore.

Your instructors? Current and former CHROs and people ops execs from companies like Facebook, Uber, Instacart, and Lattice.

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How easier would your job be

 if you could justify every HR decision 

with hard data?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it too late to join?

No, you can join this series whenever you'd like.

Why is this course offered free of charge?

The People Analytics Masterclass is brought to you by Orgnostic – the people analytics platform for strategic HR leaders. We’ve created this course because we’re on a mission to democratize people analytics and make data-informed HR practices readily-available to any organization that cares about its people.

Will I get a certificate after the course?

Certification is currently closed, however we plan to soon reopen it. You will then receive a certificate regardless of when you finished the course.

Do I need to watch all the sessions?

Yes, you need to watch all the sessions and pass all the quizzes in order to get the certificate.

Do you offer HRCI credits?

We currently don't offer HRCI credits, but attendees can self report the class to receive recertification credit.

Have more questions?

Contact us at [email protected].

This course has been brought to you by Orgnostic, the people analytics software for strategic HR leaders. Orgnostic helps HR and people ops leaders get people analytics initiatives off the ground. Link your scattered HR data, run surveys on top, and get answers to the critical questions about your people in minutes.